Common Loon at the Monona Terrace

I decided to make Convention Center on Lake Monona this morning to enjoy the weather and see if I could find any migrating Common Loons.

During migration, loons often fish very close to shore as the drop off is very steep. After searching for awhile, I was able to locate a single bird that gave me some great looks. I was able to follow it up and down the shore line as it fished.

Loon Lake Monona-12
Common Loon
Loon Lake Monona-9
Common Loon
Loon Lake Monona-7
Common Loon
Loon Lake Monona-4
Common Loon
Loon Lake Monona-10
Common Loon showing its nictating membrane
Loon Lake Monona-5
Common Loon

In addition to the Common Loon, I was able to capture this Ring-billed Gull.

Loon Lake Monona

There were many Mallards and Canada Geese on the lake including this frenetically feeding drake.

Loon Lake Monona-16

2 thoughts on “Common Loon at the Monona Terrace

  1. Great pictures, Jeff. Sometimes when I run through picnic point in the winter, I see what looks like swans on Lake Mendota. Have you ever captured these birds on film?


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