Petenwell Dam-Necedah, Wisconsin January 24, 2016

On Sunday January 25th My daughter Dominique and I made the 90 mile trip north to the Petenwell Dam near Necedah, Wisconsin to photograph fishing Bald Eagles in the open waters below the dam.

I had been looking at some of he fantastic images many of my fellow photographers have been posting in various places and knew I needed to get up there to see this for myself. Despite fairly warm temperatures, less than ideal lighting and several fishing boats on the water most of the morning, we were able to see some amazing action among the roughly 100 juvenile and adult eagles.

Below are 24 of the more than 1,300 pictures I took.

Eagles Petenwell 1-24-16-16


Eagles Petenwell 1-24-16-6

Eagles Petenwell 1-24-16-7


Eagles Petenwell 1-24-16-8

Eagles Petenwell 1-24-16-24

Eagles Petenwell 1-24-16-11

Eagles Petenwell 1-24-16-12

Eagles Petenwell 1-24-16-14

Eagles Petenwell 1-24-16-18

Eagles Petenwell 1-24-16-15



Eagles Petenwell 1-24-16-10

Eagles Petenwell 1-24-16-9

Eagles Petenwell 1-24-16-20

Eagles Petenwell 1-24-16-22

Eagles Petenwell 1-24-16-19

Eagles Petenwell 1-24-16-17

Eagles Petenwell 1-24-16-21

Eagles Petenwell 1-24-16-28

The next three pictures show an adult Bald Eagle pursuing a juvenile in possession of a Sheepshead resulting in the fish being dropped as can be seen in the third picture.

Eagles Petenwell 1-24-16-35

Eagles Petenwell 1-24-16-34

Eagles Petenwell 1-24-16-36


The following pictures show an eagle attempting and missing a Sheepshead, resulting in the fish tumbling through the air in a spray of water.

Eagles Petenwell 1-24-16-25

Eagles Petenwell 1-24-16-26

Eagles Petenwell 1-24-16-27

Finally, I close with two pictures that Dominique took. A very fine picture for only her second time out with me.

Dwame Eagles Petenwell 1-24-16-13

Dwame Eagles Petenwell 1-24-16-14

6 thoughts on “Petenwell Dam-Necedah, Wisconsin January 24, 2016

  1. Hi Jeff…wonderful pictures.. You sure get around! Is Dominique just getting into birding? Or is this new for her? Has the Wisconsin weather slowed you down any?? Our winter is turning out to be lots of rain…daily, in fact. Haven’t heard from you for awhile..I sent a text after your last posting. How is it going with Narda and everybody else in school? All are ok here..Dad and I are heading up to the island house with all the tile and related stuff to remodel the old bathroom. It will be a quick trip up and back…the house is really shut down for the winter but we need to get up there with the stuff and have a conversation with the contractor. Hi and love to all. Mom

    Sent from my iPad



    1. Hi Mom. Glad you like the pictures. For the most part, the winter has not slowed me down. Just two weekends ago when it was really cold (-25) I cancelled my annual trip to Sax-Zim Bog in Minnesota. Other than that, I am out and about. Dominique is curious and likes raptors but we will see if it becomes a real interest. Just wants to spend time with me on trips. I will give you a call soon and update you on things!


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