Nicaragua Day 2-Montibelli Reserve

Day two picked up where day one left off with more good birding! We started with an early morning hike before breakfast, then ate breakfast and went on a long morning hike until lunchtime. For me, nothing could be better. Birding all morning in a new place filled with never seen before species and some old friends from Wisconsin and the Pacific Northwest.

We got some great looks at a Western Tanager in nonbreeding plumage. Like so many of the tanagers, the Western Tanager is a striking bird with many bright colors.

Montibelli Reserve Day 2-32
Western Tanager in nnbreeding plumage
Montibelli Reserve Day 2-31
Another look at the Western Tanager

One of the highlights of the day was the brief appearance made by a Worm-eating Warbler; another warbler species that has eluded me in Wisconsin.

Worm-eating Montibelli Reserve Day 2-2
Worm-eating Warbler
Worm-eating Montibelli Reserve Day 2
Another look at the Worm-eating Warbler

Then there were the Motmots. We saw two of the four species on the trip. The first was the Blue-crowned Motmot, a beautiful bird  with striking blue and turquoise coloring and two long tail feathers it moves like athe hands of a clock or pendulum.

Montibelli Reserve Day 2-23
Turquoise-browed Motmot
Montibelli Reserve Day 2-57
Another look at the Turquoise-Browed Motmot
Montibelli Reserve Day 2-55
Turquoise-browed Motmot
Montibelli Reserve Day 2-22
Hoffmann’s Woodpecker

One of the great birds of the trio was the Long-tailed Manakin. A shy bird that tended to stay in deep growth and did not give much in terms of looks or photographic opportunities. But then I got lucky with a quick look at a male that resulted in some quick photos.

Montibelli Reserve Day 2-39
Long-tailed Manakin
Montibelli Reserve Day 2-38
Long-tailed Manakin
Montibelli Reserve Day 2-6
Gray Hawk
Montibelli Reserve Day 2-3
Gray Hawk
Montibelli Reserve Day 2-17
Elegant Trogan
Montibelli Reserve Day 2-16
Elegant Trogan
Montibelli Reserve Day 2-53
Melodious Blackbird Taking a bath
Montibelli Reserve Day 2-52
Another view of the Melodious Blackbird
Montibelli Reserve Day 2-49
One more picture of the Melodious Blackbird
Montibelli Reserve Day 2-47
The Tennessee Warbler came back to check us out again on day two
Montibelli Reserve Day 2-12
Female Barred Antshrike
Montibelli Reserve Day 2-11
Male Barred Antshrike

A bird that I saw several times but was unable to adequately capture was the Rufous-capped Warbler. The picture below is the clearest picture I was able to get and even though it is facing away from the camera, the rufous cap stands out in striking detail against the olive-green of the back and the bright yellow of the belly and undertail coverts.

Montibelli Reserve Day 2-14

Rufous-capped Warbler

Montibelli Reserve Day 2-2
Gray-headed Tanager
Montibelli Reserve Day 2-66
White-fronted Parrot, one of seven Parrot and Parakeet species seen in Nicaragua
Montibelli Reserve Day 2
Common Nighthawk
Montibelli Reserve Day 2-63
Groove-billed Ani
Montibelli Reserve Day 2-8
Another Collared Aracari paid us a visit

Of course, there were again things other than birds present.

Montibelli Reserve Day 2-29
A lizard getting some sun
Montibelli Reserve Day 2-30
Termite nest
Montibelli Reserve Day 2-54
Green Iguana
Montibelli Reserve Day 2-35
Howler Monkey
Montibelli Reserve Day 2-45
Howler Monkey family
Montibelli Reserve Day 2-9
I believe this is a Social Paper Wasp nest
Montibelli Reserve Day 2-10
The gigantic Owl Butterfly with its very realistic looking eye spots which resemble an owl’s eyes.
Montibelli Reserve Day 2-46
Montibelli Reserve Day 2-61
Limes. There were many fruit trees everywhere in Nicaragua

At night, we decided to take a walk out to an open area to try to see if we could see the molten lave from Volcan Masaya’s crater reflecting off of the sky. On the way there, we came across a Leafcutter Ant highway. This was an amazing sight because the ants stretched for as far as we could see and their route was s you could actually see the path! Another really neat thing was that all of the eyes of spiders that were out were luminescent and so reflected the light of our flashlights. There were literally hundreds of reflected lights and I was able to go up to each set of eyes I chose to in order to see what spider was behind them. As you can see form the picture below, some of them were quite large indeed. We did see the reflected red glow of the lava ss well which was an amazing sight in its own right.

Montibelli Reserve Day 2-69
Leaf cutter Ants. One of 47 possible species

Montibelli Reserve Day 2-71

While I am not sure,  I believe this is a species of large wolf Spider



One thought on “Nicaragua Day 2-Montibelli Reserve

  1. Hey Jeff, great pics. The motmot in your pics above is the Turquoise-browed Motmot and the woodpecker is a Hoffmann’s Woodpecker.


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