Nicaragua Day 5-Volcan Mombacho & Granada

On day five we made the trip up the slopes of the 4,409 foot Volcan Mombacho to hike Sendero El Crater, an extinct crater in the cloud forests of Mombacho. The road up was very steep and was one way only with only official transports being allowed up the mountain. Vehicles were either going up or coming down.The road was much to narrow for two way traffic.

Volcan Mombacho-Granada-3
The road up to the top of Mombacho
Volcan Mombacho-Granada-6
The transport vehicle we rode in up to Mombacho’s  Sendero El Crater
Volcan Mombacho-Granada
A cute little mangy dog that was hanging out at the bottom of Mombacho. Like most places in Nicaragua, dogs are a part of the landscape.

Coming from the Pacific Northwest, I am very familiar with the temperate rainforests that comprise the coastal range in Oregon and the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. I was struck by how much the tropical rainforest reminded me of those forests yet was so very different. The photos below are meant to illustrate just how lush these forests are

I am no expert on the flora of tropical rainforests but I do appreciate the beauty I saw around me. Many of the trees were so laden with epiphytic plants that they were creaking and groaning under the weight. Many trees that had fallen did so because they had literally tons of plants growing on them and could no longer support the weight. The picture below is an example of a tree covered in epiphytic plants.

Volcan Mombacho-Granada-22

Volcan Mombacho-Granada-27

Volcan Mombacho-Granada-28

Volcan Mombacho-Granada-25

Volcan Mombacho-Granada-30

Volcan Mombacho-Granada-41

Volcan Mombacho-Granada-35

Volcan Mombacho-Granada-26

Volcan Mombacho-Granada-32

Volcan Mombacho-Granada-35

Volcan Mombacho-Granada-40

Volcan Mombacho-Granada-31

Volcan Mombacho-Granada-37

While we were up on the mountain we were able to observe some bird-banding and Bill Volkert got to free a Wood Thrush from a mist net in order for it to be banded.

Volcan Mombacho-Granada-17
Bill Volkert freeing a Wood Thrush from mist netting so it can be tagged
Volcan Mombacho-Granada-8
A captured and banded Purple-throated Mountain-gem
Volcan Mombacho-Granada-14
Bill Volkert gets ready to release a Mountain Elaenea
Volcan Mombacho-Granada-15
I got to release a Mountain Elaenea too!
Volcan Mombacho-Granada-29
A view from the trail across the Sendero El Crater. The drop from our trail was a long way down…we couldn’t even see the bottom
Volcan Mombacho-Granada-19
The sign at the top of Mombacho

When we left Volcan Mombato, we returned to Granada for lunch and tehn a few of us went down to Lake Nicaragua and drove along the beach looking for birds.

Volcan Mombacho-Granada-54
The first birds we saw were Cattle Egrets in a field across from the lake and I was able to get a quick picture of one before they flew off.
Volcan Mombacho-Granada-55
This Great Egret posed nicely in the waves of the Lake Nicaragua shoreline
Volcan Mombacho-Granada-63
It was an afternoon of white herons and egrets, including this Snowy Egret sticking a landing
Volcan Mombacho-Granada-57
And the theme of white continues with this juvenile Little Blue Heron
Volcan Mombacho-Granada-58
Another look at the Little Blue Heron
Volcan Mombacho-Granada-64
A Little Blue Heron with a nice catch
Volcan Mombacho-Granada-65
Another Snowy Egret fishing
Volcan Mombacho-Granada-59
A spotted Sandpiper that really threw us for awhile due to its very yellow legs that did not quite line up with its plumage

There was a lot of action down on the beach that was not bird related.

Volcan Mombacho-Granada-61
A man bicycles down the beach with some vegetation of some sort
Volcan Mombacho-Granada-66
This horse was running free on the beach. You can see trash all around it. Nicaragua was covered in trash, it was everywhere!
Volcan Mombacho-Granada-67
Cattle being led to the lake to drink
Volcan Mombacho-Granada-68
More cattle drinking accompanied by their handler
Volcan Mombacho-Granada-49
The Bougainvillea surrounding the pool at the Colonial Hotel in Granada that we stayed at
Volcan Mombacho-Granada-48
A closer look at the Bougainvillea

The following pictures show the market in the town center in Granada in the evening.

Volcan Mombacho-Granada-78

Volcan Mombacho-Granada-72

Volcan Mombacho-Granada-74

Volcan Mombacho-Granada-76

Volcan Mombacho-Granada-77

Volcan Mombacho-Granada-69
The beautiful church that was in the center of Granada just a couple of blocks from our hotel. The picture was taken at dusk.






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