Nicaragua Day 6-Granada, the Northern Highlands & El Jaguar Reserve

Day six began with a nice and leisurely last early morning in Granada. I was able to get up and out to get some last images of the area near the Colonial Hotel including the beautiful Catedral de Granada.

Granada-El Jaguar-6
Catedal de Granada
Granada-El Jaguar-9
Catedral de Granada with market stalls in the foreground
Granada-El Jaguar-10
Across from the catredal was the Parque Central which had this beautiful gazebo in its center
Granada-El Jaguar-11
Horse drawn carriages  lined up near Parque Central in Granada

Granada-El Jaguar-12

Granada-El Jaguar-13


Granada-El Jaguar-14
This stray dog was thoroughly enjoying his early morning in Parque Central
Granada-El Jaguar-2
Vendors begin setting up for the day as Connie Volkert walks past
Granada-El Jaguar-7
Vendors setting up for the day in Parque Central
Granada-El Jaguar-3
More vendors in Parque Central

When we left Granada around 9:30 a.m. we headed towards the northern highlands and El Jaguar, passing through the northern city of Jinotega on the way. We did stop at a wetlands to see what types of bird life we could find. The three pictures below show men working the land to plant agricultural products such as corn. In many places in Nicaragua, people utilized oxen to assist in the plowing of fields as is illustrated in third picture.

Granada-El Jaguar-16

Granada-El Jaguar-19

Granada-El Jaguar-21

Men using oxen to plow a field

Granada-El Jaguar-20
Men running hoses from the wetlands to water their crops

But there were also birds!

Granada-El Jaguar-18
Groove-billed Ani
Granada-El Jaguar-17
Another Groove-billed Ani
Granada-El Jaguar-24
Stripe-headed Sparrow that we were able to “pish” out of the grass and get a view of
Granada-El Jaguar-23
Another view of the Stripe-headed Sparrow


Granada-El Jaguar-27
Hundreds of bags of coffee waiting to be shipped near Jinotega
Granada-El Jaguar-26
Closer view of bags of dried coffee waiting to be shipped

Granada-El Jaguar-29

Trash dumped down a hillside by residents of the area is then burned

Granada-El Jaguar-15
Each region seemed to have their own predominant form of taxi. In Jinotega we saw lots of these rickshaws
Granada-El Jaguar-25
A fancier type of motorized transportation

When we arrived in El Jaguar it was beautiful and the sun was shining. We were immediately inundated with many species of birds as soon as we got off the bus near the lodge. Little did I know, that was about the only sun we had the entire time we were there! It is not called a cloud forest for nothing, that is for sure.

Granada-El Jaguar-39
One of the first birds seen was this Common Bush-Tanager feeding on bananas
Granada-El Jaguar-38
The Common Bush-Tanager was curious about us
Granada-El Jaguar-40
A great look at the Common-Bush Tanager
Granada-El Jaguar-43
Tropical Pewee patiently waiting for lunch
Granada-El Jaguar-51
Lunch is served!
Granada-El Jaguar-52
The Dusky-capped Flycatcher rearranged his meal in order to swallow it.
Granada-El Jaguar-48
The aptly named Rufous-tailed Hummingbird
Granada-El Jaguar-37
Enjoying the sun
Granada-El Jaguar-41
Rufous-tailed Hummingbird going for nectar
Granada-El Jaguar-42
Another view
Granada-El Jaguar-44
Putting some movement into the search for nectar
Granada-El Jaguar-45
Catching a Rufous-tailed Hummingbird turning in mid-flight
Granada-El Jaguar-32
Another look at a Rufous-tailed Hummingbird
Granada-El Jaguar-33
Is he sticking his tongue out at me?! Guess he has had enough of having his picture taken.
Granada-El Jaguar-31
That is much better! Still looks peeved but at least he isn’t sticking his tongue out.


Granada-El Jaguar-53
The Cinnamon-bellied Flowerpiercer. This bird is parasitic as it literally pierces the bottom of flowers to get to the nectar and does not then pollinate the flower
Granada-El Jaguar-54
Another look at the flowerpiercer
Granada-El Jaguar-55
Ready for action!
Granada-El Jaguar-56
The stately Blue-crowned Motmot, the Nicaraguan national bird
Granada-El Jaguar-30
The Montezuma Oroependola
Granada-El Jaguar-36
The impressively large Violet Sabrewing. The feeders they frequently were not ever in good lighting so I never got any good flight pictures of this beauty and so had to settle for the “taboo” feeder shots.
Granada-El Jaguar-35
Violet Sabrewing
Granada-El Jaguar-50
Female Violet Sabrewing
Granada-El Jaguar-46
A Dogface Butterfly
Granada-El Jaguar-47
The Dogface Butterfly takes off
Granada-El Jaguar-59
The road from the main lodge at El Jaguar up towards our cabins. As you can see, the cloud rainforest is very lush
Granada-El Jaguar-61
One of my roomates the first night. This spider was very cooperative as I repeatedly shone a light on it as I tried to get a decent shot. It was very large…at least as big as my hand.
Granada-El Jaguar-63
This was a cool looking spider that spent time in our sink

5 thoughts on “Nicaragua Day 6-Granada, the Northern Highlands & El Jaguar Reserve

  1. Love those hummingbird close-ups! For someone that had only seen the Ruby Throated before, the array of hummers we saw at El Jaguar were amazing!


  2. Fantastic, Jeff! It reminds me of my trip to Panama several years ago, which was certainly a high point of my birding career. Almost too many new birds to process! Thanks for sharing your adventure.


  3. Hello Jeff, the first pic labelled Dusky-capped Flycatcher is really a Tropical Pewee. The one eating the skipper is the Dusky-capped.


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