Nicaragua Day Ten-Selva Negra and Back to Managua

Sadly, this was my last day of birding in Nicaragua. We began by walking down toward the coffee plantation to see if we could find a Streak-backed Oriole and found not just that oriole but the Spot-breasted Oriole as well!

Selva Negra-Managua-13
Yellow-backed Oriole
Selva Negra-Managua-10
Yellow-backed Oriole
Selva Negra-Managua-11
Yellow-backed Oriole
Selva Negra-Managua-14
Yellow-backed Oriole
Selva Negra-Managua-12
Yellow-backed Oriole
Selva Negra-Managua-3
Spot-breasted Oriole
Selva Negra-Managua-5
Spot-breasted Oriole
Selva Negra-Managua-6
Spot-breasted Oriole


Selva Negra-Managua-32
Emerald Toucanet
Selva Negra-Managua-30
Emerald Toucanet
Selva Negra-Managua-31
Emerald Toucanet
Selva Negra-Managua-17
Boat-tailed Grackle with a nice backdrop of epiphytic plants
Selva Negra-Managua-43
Wood Thrush
Selva Negra-Managua-22
Northern-barred Woodcreeper
Selva Negra-Managua-24
Pale-billed Woodpecker
Selva Negra-Managua-42
Tennessee Warbler
Selva Negra-Managua-44
Tennessee Warbler
Selva Negra-Managua-47
Lesser Scaup
Selva Negra-Managua-54
Groove-billed Ani
Selva Negra-Managua-52
Groove-billed Ani
Selva Negra-Managua-27
Golden-winged Warbler
Selva Negra-Managua-26
Red-crested Ant-Tanager

Selva Negra-Managua-49

Selva Negra-Managua-25
Female Slaty Antwren
Selva Negra-Managua-8
Social Flycatcher
Selva Negra-Managua-9
A blurry picture of a Yellow-winged Tanager
Selva Negra-Managua-21
This picture of a Red-billed Pigeon was taken from at least 100 yards away
Selva Negra-Managua-15
A wasp nest
Selva Negra-Managua-51
An unidentified butterfly

The next few pictures are of plants in the courtyard cross from the main lodge and restaurant at Selva Negra.

Selva Negra-Managua-19
Flower near the coffee plantation
Selva Negra-Managua-18
Another beautiful flower
Selva Negra-Managua-33
Plant covered fountain

Selva Negra-Managua-34

Selva Negra-Managua-37

Selva Negra-Managua-35

Selva Negra-Managua-36

Selva Negra-Managua-45
A Papaya tree. Notice the bottom left fruit has been eaten by Orioles

Selva Negra-Managua-16

Selva Negra-Managua-28

Selva Negra-Managua-38
The view of the main lodge from around the other side of the small lake at Selva Negra
Selva Negra-Managua-39
The forest across the lake from the main lodge at Selva Negra
Selva Negra-Managua-46
Looking down on Matagalpa from near Selva Negra
Selva Negra-Managua-55
A man carrying wood along the highway
Selva Negra-Managua-57
A very large cross on a hilltop
Selva Negra-Managua-59
Tipitapa River
Selva Negra-Managua-58
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4 thoughts on “Nicaragua Day Ten-Selva Negra and Back to Managua

  1. Jeff, I have so appreciated your photos from your Nicaragua journey. They are excellent and introduced me to many new friends. Thank you for sharing your passion with us. aunt Mary


  2. Great pics Jeff! The bird you labelled as a Streak-backed Oriole is a Yellow-backed Oriole. Again, thanks for sharing pics.


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