My name is Jeff Galligan and I am an administrator at a community college in the Midwest. I work with underrepresented populations of students including first generation and low-income students, students with disabilities, and students of color.

I truly love the diversity in the student population found at the community college level and I love being a small part of the journey to degree completion and transfer of the students I serve. A challenging but extremely rewarding profession and one I am fortunate to be in.

Outside of work, birding and nature photography are my deepest passions. I love to read, bicycle, fish, camp, hike, cook and kayak among other things, but nothing moves my soul like birding and photographing birds. I like the peacefulness and serenity I feel when I am out before the sun rises, welcoming another day and being able to be a part of the beginning of that new day for the denizens of whatever wilderness area I am in.

My creativity lies in capturing natural moments in nature that tell a story anyone can see. I love it when people can get a glimpse of exactly what it is I see and feel when I am taking pictures just by looking at them.